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Forex trading has seen a significant rise in popularity, with social media platforms like Instagram providing a space for traders to share insights, strategies, and success stories. Following successful Forex traders on Instagram can provide both inspiration and practical knowledge. This article, titled "10 Best Forex Traders to Follow on Instagram - SA Shares," highlights ten influential Forex traders who provide valuable content for both novice and experienced traders.

1. @theforextradingcoach

Overview:The Forex Trading Coach, Andrew Mitchem, is a well-respected figure in the trading community. His Instagram feed is filled with trading tips, market analysis, and motivational posts.

Content Focus:

  • Daily market analysis

  • Educational videos on trading strategies

  • Inspirational quotes and success stories

User Feedback:Followers appreciate his clear and practical advice, which helps them improve their trading skills.

2. @cashflowngcobo

Overview:Jabulani "Cashflow" Ngcobo is one of South Africa's most famous Forex traders. He shares his trading journey and lifestyle, providing insights into his trading strategies.

Content Focus:

  • Personal trading experiences

  • Luxury lifestyle posts

  • Educational content on Forex trading

User Feedback:Ngcobo's followers are inspired by his success story and appreciate his transparency about his trading methods.

3. @sandile_shezi

Overview:Sandile Shezi is known for becoming one of South Africa's youngest millionaires through Forex trading. His Instagram account is a blend of trading tips and motivational content.

Content Focus:

  • Trading tips and strategies

  • Motivational posts

  • Educational content on Forex fundamentals

User Feedback:Many young traders look up to Shezi for inspiration and guidance in their trading journeys.

4. @ref_wayne

Overview:Ref Wayne is a renowned Forex trader and author. His Instagram feed is rich with educational content and motivational posts.

Content Focus:

  • Trading strategies and tips

  • Market analysis

  • Motivational and inspirational posts

User Feedback:Followers find his content highly educational and motivational, helping them stay disciplined in their trading efforts.

5. @louistshakoane

Overview:Louis Tshakoane is a successful Forex trader and entrepreneur. His Instagram account provides a mix of trading insights and lifestyle content.

Content Focus:

  • Forex trading tips

  • Lifestyle and motivational posts

  • Entrepreneurial advice

User Feedback:Tshakoane's followers appreciate his blend of practical trading advice and motivational content.

6. @nelimasango

Overview:Nelisiwe Masango is a prominent female Forex trader and financial educator. Her Instagram account is dedicated to promoting financial literacy and trading education.

Content Focus:

  • Trading tips and strategies

  • Financial literacy content

  • Inspirational posts

User Feedback:Many women in the trading community find Masango’s content empowering and educational.

7. @shaunbenjamin_

Overview:Shaun Benjamin is a young and successful Forex trader known for his disciplined trading approach. His Instagram account offers a wealth of trading knowledge and insights.

Content Focus:

  • Technical analysis and trading strategies

  • Market trends and updates

  • Motivational content

User Feedback:Benjamin’s followers value his detailed trading insights and practical advice.

8. @djcoach_tsekeleke

Overview:Kgopotso Mmutlane, also known as DJ Coach Tsekeleke, is a popular Forex trader and mentor. His Instagram is a vibrant mix of trading tips and motivational content.

Content Focus:

  • Intraday trading tips

  • Inspirational posts

  • Lifestyle content

User Feedback:His followers are inspired by his energetic personality and practical trading tips.

9. @palesamankahla

Overview:Palesa Mankahla is a rising star in the Forex trading community. Her Instagram account focuses on trading education and empowerment.

Content Focus:

  • Forex trading strategies

  • Financial empowerment posts

  • Market analysis

User Feedback:Mankahla’s followers appreciate her focus on empowerment and detailed trading insights.

10. @tshepotsotetsi

Overview:Tshepo Tsotetsi is a successful Forex trader and educator. His Instagram account provides comprehensive trading education and market insights.

Content Focus:

  • Long-term trading strategies

  • Risk management tips

  • Market updates and analysis

User Feedback:Tsotetsi’s followers benefit from his in-depth trading knowledge and educational content.

Trends in Forex Trading on Instagram

1. Increasing Popularity of Educational Content

Trend:There is a growing demand for educational content on Instagram. Traders use the platform to share knowledge and help others improve their trading skills.

Statistics:A study by Hootsuite found that educational content receives 23% more engagement on Instagram compared to other types of content.

2. Rise of Inspirational and Motivational Posts

Trend:Inspirational and motivational posts are popular among Forex traders on Instagram. These posts help traders stay motivated and focused on their goals.

User Feedback:Many traders find motivational content helpful in maintaining a positive mindset and staying disciplined.


Following successful Forex traders on Instagram, such as @theforextradingcoach, @cashflowngcobo, and @sandile_shezi, can provide valuable insights and inspiration for both novice and experienced traders. These traders offer a blend of educational content, market analysis, and motivational posts that help followers improve their trading skills and stay motivated.

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