27 Best Forex Trading YouTube Channels to Follow - (2024)

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Forex trading, with its potential for high returns and global reach, has become an attractive venture for many investors. With a plethora of educational resources available, YouTube stands out as a powerful platform for learning. This article highlights 27 of the best Forex trading YouTube channels to follow in 2024, catering to both novice and experienced traders. By referencing accurate data and case studies, this comprehensive guide aims to help traders make informed decisions.

Top YouTube Channels for Forex Trading Education

1. Trading 212

Overview: Trading 212 offers an extensive library of tutorials and market analysis videos.

Case Study: According to user feedback, their video on "How to Trade Forex for Beginners" has over 1 million views and helped countless traders start their journey.

Relevance: Consistently updated with market trends and educational content.

2. ForexSignals TV

Overview: Known for live trading sessions and expert insights.

Statistics: Boasts a retention rate of over 70%, indicating highly engaging content.

User Feedback: Viewers appreciate the real-time market analysis and interactive sessions.

3. Adam Khoo

Overview: Adam Khoo provides in-depth trading strategies and financial education.

User Reviews: Many traders credit his channel with significantly improving their trading skills.

4. Rayner Teo

Overview: Offers practical trading strategies and market analysis.

Case Study: His series on "Price Action Trading" is particularly popular, with high engagement rates.

5. The Trading Channel

Overview: Focuses on technical analysis and trading psychology.

User Feedback: Praised for clear and concise explanations that help demystify complex concepts.

6. Warrior Trading

Overview: Provides comprehensive tutorials and live trading recaps.

Statistics: Over 800,000 subscribers with high engagement rates.

7. DailyFX

Overview: Official channel for the popular trading news website DailyFX.

Relevance: Regular updates with market news and trading tips.

8. FXStreet

Overview: Offers a mix of educational content and market news.

User Feedback: Known for timely and reliable market updates.

9. No Nonsense Forex

Overview: Focuses on a rules-based trading approach.

Case Study: Users report improved trading discipline and strategy adherence.

10. Trading with Venus

Overview: Provides insights into forex trading and market analysis.

User Reviews: Praised for accessible and actionable trading advice.

11. UKspreadbetting

Overview: Specializes in forex and CFD trading tutorials.

Statistics: High viewer retention, indicating valuable content.

12. Nick Shawn

Overview: Offers practical trading strategies and live trade examples.

User Feedback: Viewers appreciate the straightforward and honest approach.

13. The Secret Mindset

Overview: Focuses on trading psychology and technical analysis.

Case Study: Many traders credit this channel with helping them manage emotions during trading.

14. TraderNick

Overview: Provides a mix of educational content and live trading.

User Reviews: Known for clear and practical trading insights.

15. Sasha Evdakov

Overview: Covers a wide range of trading topics including forex and stocks.

Statistics: Over 300,000 subscribers with high engagement.

16. Forex Trading for Beginners

Overview: Specifically targets new traders with foundational knowledge.

User Feedback: Highly recommended for those just starting out.

17. My Trading Skills

Overview: Offers detailed tutorials and strategy sessions.

Case Study: Users report significant improvements in trading performance after following this channel.

18. Trading Nut

Overview: Features interviews with successful traders and trading strategies.

User Reviews: Praised for providing real-world insights from professional traders.

19. Forex Watchers

Overview: Regular market analysis and trading tips.

Statistics: High viewer retention and engagement rates.

20. Stacey Burke Trading

Overview: Focuses on technical analysis and trading strategies.

User Feedback: Viewers appreciate the thorough and detailed explanations.

21. The Trading Geek

Overview: Offers a variety of trading tutorials and market analysis.

User Reviews: Known for clear and concise instructional videos.

22. Learn to Trade

Overview: Comprehensive trading tutorials and market insights.

Statistics: High subscriber count and viewer engagement.

23. Top Traders

Overview: Features trading strategies and live trade examples.

User Feedback: Praised for practical and actionable trading advice.

24. Forex Trading Coach

Overview: Focuses on trading education and market analysis.

User Reviews: Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced traders.

25. The Diary of a Trader

Overview: Offers insights into the daily life of a trader and trading strategies.

User Feedback: Praised for realistic and relatable trading experiences.

26. Forex Family

Overview: Provides trading tutorials and market analysis.

Case Study: Many users report improved trading results after following the channel.

27. Trading 101

Overview: Covers basic to advanced trading concepts.

Statistics: High viewer retention and positive feedback from users.

Trends in Forex Trading Education on YouTube

Interactive Content and Live Sessions

Interactive content, such as live trading sessions and Q&A segments, is becoming increasingly popular. Channels offering these features often see higher engagement and satisfaction rates.

Data-Driven Strategies

A focus on data-driven trading strategies is evident, with many channels emphasizing technical analysis and backtesting.

Risk Management Education

Emphasis on risk management techniques is growing, as more traders recognize the importance of minimizing losses and protecting investments.


Following the right YouTube channels can significantly enhance a trader's knowledge and skills. The 27 channels listed here, including Trading 212, ForexSignals TV, and Adam Khoo, offer valuable insights and educational content for traders at all levels. By leveraging these resources, traders can stay informed and make more informed decisions in the forex market.

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