Top Best Telegram Channels for Free Forex Signals

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In Forex trading, obtaining accurate and reliable trading signals is one of the keys to success. The Telegram channel has become one of the important channels for many traders to obtain foreign exchange signals. This article will introduce several free Forex signals Telegram channels that are considered to be the best to help traders obtain useful trading information in the competitive Forex market.

1. ForexSignals (@ForexSignals)

ForexSignals is a well-known Forex Signals Telegram channel providing free Forex trading signals, technical analysis and market commentary. The channel is managed by an experienced Forex trading team and regularly publishes high-quality trading signals covering major currency pairs and cross-currency pairs. In addition, they provide educational content to help traders improve their trading skills and knowledge.

2. DailyFX (@DailyFX_Signals)

DailyFX is another well-respected Forex signals telegram channel operated by the well-known Forex analysis website DailyFX. They provide daily FX signals, market analysis and trading strategies, covering the latest developments in the global FX market. Due to the professional team and rich experience behind them, DailyFX's trading signals have attracted much market attention.

3. FXStreet News (@FXStreetNews)

FXStreet News is the official Telegram channel of the FXStreet website, providing live news and analysis on the Forex market. Although they mainly focus on news events in the foreign exchange market, they also publish trading signals and technical analysis from time to time to provide traders with valuable trading references.

4. (@investingcom) is a comprehensive financial website and their Telegram channel provides news, analysis and trading signals on various financial markets including Forex. Their trading signals cover multiple currency pairs, as well as other financial assets, providing traders with diverse trading opportunities.

5. TradingView (@tradingview)

TradingView is a popular social platform for financial markets, and their Telegram channel provides forex signals, chart analysis, and trading ideas from traders around the world. By interacting with other traders, traders can gain more trading inspiration and insights.


The Telegram channel of Free Forex Signals provides traders with convenient access to trading signals and market analysis. Although the signals and analysis provided by these channels are free, they are backed by a professional team, so their quality and reliability can be trusted. However, traders should still exercise caution when using these signals and make decisions based on their own trading strategies and risk management principles.

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