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In the financial markets, finding additional sources of income is one of the goals of many traders. The rebate program offered by ThinkMarkets provides traders with an opportunity to earn additional income. This article will explore how to achieve this through ThinkMarkets’ rebate program and how to develop the best trading strategy to maximize the benefits of rebates.

Learn about ThinkMarkets’ rebate program

ThinkMarkets' rebate program is a scheme designed to reward traders by paying a percentage of trading commissions to traders they refer. This means that when you refer new traders to ThinkMarkets and trade, you will receive a kickback from their trading activity.

How to get rebate?

To receive rebates from ThinkMarkets, you first need to register as its partner. This is usually a simple process and you can find information and complete the registration process on ThinkMarkets’ official website. After registering, you will receive a unique partner link or code that will guide new traders to register and start trading.

Once someone signs up through your link and starts trading, you are eligible for a rebate. Rebates are usually calculated as a percentage of each trade and are paid periodically based on the trading activity of the referred trader.

Develop the best trading strategy

To maximize the benefits of ThinkMarkets rebates, it is crucial to develop a suitable trading strategy. Here are some tips for developing the best trading strategy:

Choose popular trading products: Choose popular and active trading products to ensure that the traders you refer trade frequently on the ThinkMarkets platform. Products such as foreign exchange, indices, commodities, etc. are usually the first choice among traders, so you can focus on these products to attract more traders.

Provide valuable information and resources: As a ThinkMarkets partner, you can engage traders by sharing valuable information and resources. This can include market analysis, trading strategies, educational materials, and more. By providing traders with useful content, you build their trust in you and encourage them to choose ThinkMarkets for their trading.

Build good client relationships: Building good relationships with the traders you refer is key to keeping them trading on the ThinkMarkets platform. Respond to their questions and issues in a timely manner, provide personalized service and support, and let them feel your care and attention. This increases their trading activity and increases your rebate earnings.

Regularly track and analyze data: Regularly tracking and analyzing trading activity data of referred traders is an important step in optimizing rebate earnings. Understanding their trading preferences, trading frequency and trading volume can help you adjust and optimize your marketing strategy to increase rebate earnings.


ThinkMarkets' rebate program provides traders with an opportunity to earn extra income. Become a partner by signing up and earn rebates by referring new traders to ThinkMarkets. To maximize the benefits of rebates, it is crucial to develop a suitable trading strategy, including selecting popular trading products, providing valuable information and resources, building good customer relationships, and regularly tracking and analyzing data. By taking these steps, you can maximize your use of ThinkMarkets’ rebate program and grow additional revenue

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